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The other day I read a post (and I republished it in CityLines Facebook page) about the largest airports in the world, it talked about the number of people passing through them each year. When I was reading I thought, well, actually I have not ever read about the size of the largest airports in the world, so I decided to measure them by myself, and I realized that it was pretty interesting.

I just took the Google Earth tool to define the limit of the airports by photo interpretation. Then I used the Esri free application for iPad to measure the airport polygons. I measured the airports that I supposed that were the biggest in every continent. Now, I am going to publish the largest airports in 4 different posts. The order of publication will be related with the continent of the airports:

  1. Europe
  2. North America
  3. Asia-Australia
  4. South America-Africa-Middle East

(lately I have posted a resume about the efficiency of airports’ land use). So here you have the first part of the Airports serial, you can see their photo and size!

Madrid Barajas International Airport (Spain): 3050 Ha

Barcelona El Prat International Airport (Spain): 950 Ha

London Heathrow International Airport (UK): 1215 Ha

Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport (France): 3100 Ha

Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport (The Netherlands): 2380 Ha

Thanks to Erik Griswold to tell me that I forgot “Polderbaan” airstrip (Runway 36L/18R). Map & size figure are corrected

Frankfurt International Airport (Germany): 1470 Ha

Roma Fiumicino International Airport (Italy): 1395 Ha

Moscu Sheremetyevo International Airport (Russia): 875 Ha

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