L[i/o]ving cities

In the last post I published the size of the largest airports of Europe; in the two former posts I am going to publish the size of the largest airports of Asia-Australia and South America-Africa-Middle East (lately I have posted a resume about the efficiency of airports’ land use). In this post it is time for the North American airports!

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (USA): 1625 Ha

New York JFK International Airport (USA): 1525 Ha

Chicago O´Hare International Airport (USA): 2610 Ha

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (USA): 4360 Ha

Los Angeles International Airport (USA): 1325 Ha

 Denver International Airport (USA): 4200 Ha

Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada): 1660 Ha

I have measured some new North American airports!

Washington-Dulles International Airport (USA): 2255 Ha

Kansas City International Airport (USA): 1290 Ha

Salt Lake City International Airport (USA): 1635 Ha

Moses Lake Washington Grant County International Airport (USA): 1655 Ha



  1. Erik Griswold said:

    Sorry to be the spoiler again, but I think some other airports belong on this list:

    Washington-Dulles (IAD): 11 830 acres = (4 787 ha)

    Kansas City International (MCI) :10 200 acres = (4 100 ha)

    Salt Lake City (SLC): 7 700 acres = (3 116 ha)

    There are others, like Phoenix, Minneapolis and Detroit that may also be up there in terms of area.

    And then there are airports like Moses Lake, Washington State that are huge and did have scheduled air service not so long ago: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_County_International_Airport

    • Hi Erik!
      You are welcome here, your informations are always good news for me!

      I will measure the airports and include them in the post. Although I am not trying to measure every airport, these are huge enough to measure them. I am more concerned to measure the airports near to the largest cities, because after the fourth post, I want to extract an “efficiency” indicator of the airports.

      You impress me because it seems that you know a lot about airports!! Are you working on something related with it? It is good to know about someone who knows all these figures and stats!

    • Hi Erik,
      I have measured some of the airports that you mentioned. I have seen they are not as huge as you told before in your comment (although they are really big).
      With these posts in City Lines I have realized that the “official” measures are not telling the real soil occupation. I think that this is really interesting, maybe, official measures are refering to some other soils that are preserved by they master plans or something like that.

  2. […] In the blog post The City Limits II: The City Hinterland, the author describes cities in terms of their size. Areal area is one way of investigating and establishing the size of a city. The 2D area is calculated readily today using mapping and geographic information systems (GIS).  Indeed, in a later post the blog does just that for determining the size of different airports – which you can see here. […]

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