L[i/o]ving cities

Here there is a video in which we can see the construction process of the Dutch bicycle infrastructure. The video is fine to see what different happenings are in the core of the urbanization processes that happen in our cities, you can see them in the video.

Besides of the historical resume of the process, it is really important to see that there are critical situations in which we have to change our ways of doing. The key for the Dutch bicycles were the amount of car deaths, the first oil crisis and a past history of bicycle use.

Nowadays we are having some of these critical situations as the second oil crisis, the congestion of our cities, the lack of public resources, etc. I think that all these facts are not a threat; I think that they are warnings that are telling us that our way of doing things is becoming obsolete. So we have to be conscious about the challenges that mobility has to face and, fortunately, we also have the key to go in a success direction as the Dutch did, or not.



  1. Very interesting… We have many of the same issues, but not the same history or tight infrastructure here in the US.

    I wonder about the child fatality rates though…The Netherlands has not recently been seen as all that child friendly.

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  3. Craig Purcell said:


  4. estupendo video

    muchas gracias maestro

    Joan V.

  5. Thanks for posting this interesting video!
    I just got another interesting info – a Danish company specialized in cycling published a bicycle-friendly cities ranking – and no wonder Amsterdam tops the list! Copenhagenize Index 2011at http://copenhagenize.eu/index/index.html

  6. Bimal Rijal said:

    Thanks for the idea for posting the VDO It is very much useful for the city like Kathmandu.

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