L[i/o]ving cities

I´m pleased to write this welcome entry, because it means that I finally decided to confront a personal project which I had imagined for a long time. This project will consist on commenting on issues that have interested me throughout my career.

My professional concern has always been focused around the city, understood as a place to live, to work, to move in, designed for personal development and enjoyment or, put another way, what is meant by a shared home to live. Therefore, from City Lines, I intend to point out the conditions that allow planning and managing cities and their surrounding territories, which complement cities as enjoyable places for people.
This way, I´ll face my interest in the city trying to find the common ground of some disciplines such as urban planning, mobility, infrastructure design, land use or environment, which usually have developed in an unconnected way and that can only generate a shared home from their integration.
In this attempt of disciplines´ integration, my approach is to use principles such as consideration of what is really needed, the search for efficiency in the proceedings and the possibility of keeping the whole urban system along time.
Finally, I hope to provide data and views of interest to readers of City Lines and collect, in turn, as much feedback as possible so that this platform can serve to enrich my own ideas and those of the readers.

As I said, welcome.


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